Wazz up music lovers?

Right now we are in the middle of really long days of full production rehearsals. Today we did 9,5 hours of music, and then we had another 3 hours of viewing, so eyes are sore at the moment. But before we know it, we’ll be in broadcast week, which we all are longing for right now!

Big day in the Eurovision world today. Toomas Vann to the left, was my system manager when I did the Closing Ceremony of the 2015 European Games in Baku, Azerbaijan last year. He and his buddy Arte are on their way to Milan, and made a 3 hour pit stop at the Globe to check things out. SO GOOD to see you buddy! Click on the image, if you want to see the highlights of the, by far coolest show in the world last year!

Speaking of Azerbaijan! Here they are on stage, with waterfall and all!

Here’s our wonderful press center for newspapers, magazines, websites and everything else around the world. It’s actually not very full right now. We’re expecting 1500 press representatives and only about 750 have picked up their accreditations so far. This is located at the Hovet Hockey Venue, and you just hop into a golf cart at the loading area at Globe, and two minutes later, you are there. And you don’t even have to go outside! Very handy when it’s raining!

Here’s where all the countries hold their press conferences. You can watch all the press conferences on plus learn just about anything relating to Eurovision!

We also had France on stage for the first time yesterday.

And Montenegro was rocking out big time too.

Here the current look of San Marino, after more than 20 different briefs………….

And Armenia! The white beams are not lights! They are created by the 6pcs of Barco HDQ40 that we have rigged behind the stage, all equipped with High End MMS mirrors. Supa cool!

Can I do one more picture with Armenia? SURE It’s MY blog and I LOVE Iveta Mukuchyan and her song LoveWave!

Let’s wrap up today’s post with this GREAT guy! Filipp Kirkorov is bigger in Eastern Europe than Elvis Presley ever was in the rest of the world. And he is the NICEST guy! Great to see you again buddy! Filipp has written You are the Only One, performed by Sergey Lazarev for Russia. This song has been number 1 on the betting charts since day one, and it comes with a great performance! Click on the image if you want to see what we did for Filipp’s song back in 2007!

You don’t have to be an idiot to be in this industry…… but it sure as hell helps!

Se y’all tomorrow.

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