April 11

 In Eurovision Diary 2018

Hejsan Hejsan music lovers!
Here is today’s update from the dream factory!

The scenograpic spheres are being built today. They are quite modest pieces……. We got three in total, the smallest being 60 meters long, and the largest 120 meters long. They will be loaded with moving lights and strobes before they are ready to go into their final positions.

Besides being loaded with moving lights and strobes, we are also using 2150 of the total of 3 880 meters of LED strip lights we have in our set for these spheres. Modest………

The LED strip lights will be covered with milky plexi, and voila, we have ourselves 2 150 meters of light box!

The build up of the commentator boxes is well on the way. We are building a total of 41 boxes.

All the lights for greenroom are up as well. We did this quite early so EPC could build this while waiting for getting access to the stage area.

So, it was very nice of EPC to show up seconds after the greenroom trusses went up. The greenroom will host a maximum of 26 delegations at one time.

3 x GLP JDC-1 strobes. We got 259 more……..Absolutely LOVE this fixture!

We have 250 trucks of gear in this production, but one of them was more important than ALL the others together. The one that held the Jim Bowie smoker from Green Mountain Grill. Me and Ampco Flashlight’s onsite Manager Ruud Werkhoven during the Hand Over Ceremony! Now we just need some sunshine!

The underworld of the delegation bubble is being filled to the rim. Besides the supplier workshops that are in here, it also functions as a holding area for gear that we will need in the venue within soon, including the 351 Ayrton MagicPanel FX that we will start to hang tomorrow. They will form a quite spectacular “wall of death” as the last layer in our set.

EPC moving into their workshop. The supplier that is most creative with this area will win something amazing!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIK BLOMDAHL! Old readers might remember that we sent him to Chernobel last year, when he turned 30 years old in Kiev. He was glowing in the dark for 8 months after that trip, so we decided to settle for cake this year.

Several people claim that everything that I write in Portuguese is actually Brazillian Portuguese. Apparently there is a difference. Google translate completely failed to translate Parabens, but I think it means Schnabel Käse or something!

Quando os elefantes lutam, é a grama que se machuca!

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