April 10

 In Eurovision Diary 2018

Hejsan Hejsan! It’s official! March 2018 was the second rainiest month in Lisbon since they started to keep records of the weather down here. Internet says that it rains 15 days in April. That means we are only 5 days away from our quota! I trust in internet……………..

A ham, salami, cheese and bread together with a cow and parts of the contest team. A perfectly normal day at the office. The cow has been with us since 2013! But I forgot to bring it to Ukraine. Would have most probably been stopped in customs anyway……………..

Meet our Operation Manager Ana Braamcamp! Even though her last name means wooden shoe polish in Dutch, she is 100% native Portuguese.

Sara Svensson is back in da house! Sara keeps track of me and Tobias, does all protocols, and keeps us out of trouble in general! Thank You Sara!

We headed out to EPC yesterday to look at the final solution for the rib automation. One would think this is pretty late in the process to have a final solution, but trust me, this was NOT an easy task given to EPC and Ampco Flashlight. We have now moved the hoist to the opposite side of the structure, and the hoist lifts the ballast instead.

And by doing so, we finally have a working solution. I never once doubted that they would reach our goal, but regardless of that – GOOD JOB! If you want to see this bad ass in action, click on the picture!

And all of a sudden, there was a smile on Per Arne’s face. Even Matthias is happy! And he’s from Eastern Germany…………..

The mezzanine floor is still under construction and is now 2 days delayed. The fact that this crew took Sunday off did not really help the schedule. But relax! There is no cow on the ice!

But as you know by now, there is a cow in our office! Here together with our Creative Team Supervisor Nuno Galopim! These are some of his more discreet pants!

Shut the cluck up Maria! 🙂 She has turned her desk into a massage room by the way!

We have this model right outside our production office. Here you can see the amazing wooden structure that holds up this venue. Do they have termits in Portugal by the way??????

My wife has a soft spot for riggers, chains and schackles, so here is another picture showing just that. Sorry about that. I’ll try to restrain her!

FOH is complete, and so is the platform for the beauty shot camera.

And the scaff structure for green room is almost complete too! Overall, we’re still on schedule, which is a really nice change from last year!

Here are some of the many moving trusses we have in this show. These are located in the center stage area, and controlled by CyberMotion hoists.

And Jerry came up with a clever idea! With the help of the CyberMotion hoists, he can flip these trusses 180°, revealing the backside of them, that are loaded with Portman P1‘s. It’s like a kinder egg, minus the chocolate!

Meu peixinho está quebrado! Posso ter um novo?
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