April 12

 In Eurovision Diary 2018

Hejsan hejsan! Busy days inside the arena! And good thing we are inside. It’s still raining……….

The LED strips in the spheres were finalized and tested today. Now we just need to lift them up, put them in an angle, and get all the pieces to work together and actually look like three big spheres- piece of cake………..

Remember this guy? Joeri Swagemaker is in da house! Besides being one of the best Cyberhoist operators in the world, he is also a famous dancer! Click below to see his performance from Eurovision 2007. He’s the guy closest to the camera!

This was the reaction from other members of the Flashlight crew once they heard about his dancing skills……… Frtiz! Can you please stop hanging lights and go and build the smoker now?

Ruud Werkhoven has no comments……….

If you click on this image, there will be a poptastic video showing the build up in the venue.

And if you click on this image, you will see another video, showing the crowded roof!

We have 220 tons of load in the ceiling of this venue. It took some time to get this signed off by the engineers………..We are using 177 load cells to monitor the load of the mother grid. We have a total of XXX rigging points, and it takes 45 riggers to bring this in and out.

This is how 3 910 meters of truss looks like on a drawing.

Clay Paky Hepikos is in da house! 86 active units to be precise.

Say HELLO to Benedikt Leister, our project manager from Riedel! Even though he is managing 175 intercom panels, 500 radios and 20km of fiber cable and a quite large team, he looks pretty relaxed!

Say hello to Jose Carlos Silva! Or JC as we call him within the Hip Hop community! JC is responsible for ALL connectivity between the Altice arena and the rest of the world. Feel no pressure bro! And Yo Yo to you too!

Say hello to Maria Mota! Maria is our travel coordinator, and she takes care of all our travels and hotels for our production crew and our suppliers!

How many riggers does it take to look cute? Well……… clearly more than two………. say hello to our venue Head Rigger, Kim Silva, together with our Production Head Rigger Mr. Schau!

First piece of stage is in da house! I expect this structure to be much bigger tomorrow!

And all of a sudden, the first part of the upstage sphere was in position! Now we just need to match the other pieces to this one.

We started with the wall of death today! The first Ayrton MagicPanel FX is in position. Now we only have 350 more to hang!

Carla Bugalho has now an official country in the contest named Bugalhia. Here she is with her delegation, all in brand new t-shirts with their flag printed on the front.
There have been more nations formed in our office, we will get back to you regarding this.

Besides being our layout manager, or CAD muppet if you like, Tobias Brodd is also a famous musical artist. Click on the picture to see him perform a famous piece together with Melanie!

I’m out of quotes in Portuguese at the moment………

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