Hi Everyone! I’m stepping in for Ola today. He went to Euroclub last night and drink way too many……Cokes.

So I went out to visit the guys from Aggreko to find out how they handle the massive energy requirements for this show!

We’ll start with meeting the crew. From top to bottom: Grant Denny, Graham Marks, Greg Shepherd, Paul Isley, Tomas Maliauskas, and Rob Finan.

We have a total of 10 generators for the show with an available capacity of 4.6 MW available. We’ve typically been running five, with the load evenly distributed among the five generators, but we will use all 10 for the broadcast, just because we can! (We don’t actually need all 10.) The load is evenly distributed automatically and if one generator fails it automatically transfers its load evenly among the remaining nine generators.

Each generator has its own fuel tank using HVO which is more environmentally friendly than diesel. We are using approximately 4000 litres per day and we estimate to use approximately 150,000 litres total.

The generators then go through the breaker panels – two generators per panel.

From the breakers they go through the distribution panels before heading in to the Globe.

Here is the very nice cable run from all the generators up to the Globe. I know some of you out there may not think this is anything interesting but I also know a lot of people that get very excited over such neat cable runs. Once inside, they’re running along the ceilings over our heads in the hallways so the tall people have to watch their heads. This is especially true for Ola on a segway!

Only the house lights and other day-to-day electricity is supplied by the Globe itself.

Short and sweet today folks but I think we all learned something!

Did you know that wind power is quite popular in Sweden? It has lots of fans.

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