April 13

 In Eurovision Diary 2018

Ok Portugal………. we need to have a talk about Sangria………. I’m not sure that is such a great idea………. But I decided to spend the rest of my life in denial when it comes to Sangria……..

Early birds get the funniest meetings……… Big discussion this morning. We urgently need to find a new position for the upstage dimmer city. We gathered the whole team, discussed our options, made a decision, and now we move on.

How long does it take to hang 351 Magic Panels? Quite long actually!

The front facia of the stage is completed and the lower catwalk is coming in. We’ll put a custom made circular camera rail in between the two levels of silver front you see in the image, and all the holes will be filled with the brand new Minipanel FX from Ayrton. 96 of them in total.

The leveling of the three arches is in progress. It’s tricky as hell to get this right, but we’ll get there.

Look at me! I’m in greenroom! Still some carpet and furniture to go, but the platform is ready.

Audience screens on the way up. We’re using front projetion screens and 20K projectors for this. We prefer this over LED since you save weight, and the resolution is much better with projection.

And here is one ot the most secret lights in the world! The inner circle in the round truss is a GLP KN-V Arc strobe. We got 8 of them in total. Put your sunglasses on before we fire up these bad boys!

Opertec is here somewhere! I tried to find their crew today, but I only found their winches for the 2-D system they are installing. Our dear friends from Ukraine also supply our cranes, rail cams and all operators and photographers for our special cameras.

The view from lighting FOH. It’s all coming together very well and we are on schedule.

The most romantic area in the house is ready. Jerry’s FOH is waiting for a pile of operators, and of course Jerry himself.

My FOH is less impressive? Not sure why……….. I need love!

Meet Isabel Roma and Rute Filomeno. These poor girls are the assistants of our Master Pony’s Christer BJ Rökman and Mattias Carlsson.
I feel for you sisters!

So, besides managing productions for this and that around the world, I’ve decided to enter the profitable world of catering!

For this, you need machinery! Let me introduce the portable Bitterballen kitchen! It is equipped with an air fryer and a freezer. The built in UPS keeps the freezer at -28° Celcius for 32 hours without power. For those of you using Fahrenheit, I’m sure you have a converter on your smartphone!

There can be absolutely nothing positive coming out of an evening that starts up like this.

Once inflated, you pimp everyone with Unicorn tiaras and off you go! This is the first step in turning an innocent little restaurant in the old town into a fully functional Euroclub!

And if you click on the link, you will see an amazing interpetation of the most famous Christer Björkman song ever, performed by our creative supervisor Nuno Galopim, our script writers Pedro Ribeiro and Lucy Pepper.
I can’t help thinking of the Swedish chef in the Muppet Show when I see this performance!

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