May 5


May 05

Hamburger for everyone! We are continuing on the German track. Yes, hamburger is a German word!

Anyway, here is some more love from the Eurovision Planet.

Let’s start off the day with our Angry Sign Lady Maria Boklund. She is our Health & Safety manager, and she absolutely LOVES signs! Especially angry ones!

This has resulted in that our Set Designers Frida & Viktor are quite upset with all signs warning about their very dangerous stage!

It has also resulted in that Christer Björkman now is depressed and has actually started to smoke cracked opium (is that even a thing?????) in a vaporizor in front of the stage.

But at least one of our two Executive Producers Johan Bernhagen is very happy! It might have something to do with the alternative fish free catering that was going on in the backstage area yesterday.

In yet another protest against fish, we decided to fry a pretty big pile of Bitterballen and go to town!

So, despite the fact that the entire production crew is running away from the venue to eat out during lunch and dinner breaks, we actually manage to get them all back just in time for the next rehearsal. Here is Albania on stage. As you can see, Elvis really likes this song!

Bulgaria on stage. Their song is performed by Poli Genova who was representing them back in 2011 as well. She was also the host for the Eurovision Song Contest Junior in Bulgaria last year.

Denmark on stage with their boyband Lighthouse X. But hang on, if the qualification for being a boy band is a band full of boys, would that qualify Iron Maiden or Metallica to be the same? And would they like that? So many questions………

In Georgia’s song Midnight Gold, performed by Nika Kocharov and Young Georgian Lolitaz, Fredrik Jönsson FINALLY found a song where he could fullfill a long life dream, bring down the back followspots in shot. Georgia was quite happy about this move.

They became even more happy when we started to shoot bombs and strobe with 900 lights.

Fzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz & Kaboooooom

We continued with beams and CO2 Jets in Norway’s Icebreaker performed by super hot and pretty Agnete!

And why not bring in a guy flying on a pole for Slovenia’s song? The more stuff, the funnier!

We ended the day with putting the Ukraine singer in a lighting beam cage. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzap!

Ok, got to run! Have exactly 20 minutes to grease something in my face before first rehearsal for France!


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