Happy National Day Netherlands!

Thanks to Sandra Fischer at Showtex, I could join you in you celebration by eating BITTERBALLEN! I’m telling you, this is the BEST stuff ever! I got hooked on these little fellows back in 2002 when I did a big trade show both at IBC in Amsterdam. FANTASTIC!

Anyway, things are still running according to the schedule, lighting programming is in progress, sound is up, and camera moved in today. Parallel to that, side areas such as press centre, reception, dressing rooms, make up and green room under construction. So, in short, we are still happy as a potato in Ireland!

Which reminds me of the message I got earlier today from the Norwegian potato club!

Check it out at:–49100 I think Rachel Ann has something to do with this…….

See, HAPPY! Joan is grumpy, because she only got one Bitterballen. But she could consider herself lucky! Normally, NO ONE gets in between me and my fried balls!

But, we made up and decided to try to get in to the Eurovision Dance Contest. Check it out, I think it’s pretty good! :

Here is Philip, our local production manager from Frontlite.

Here is some more light porn for y’all! The Clay Paky Alpha Spots working hard & looking good.

Nev and Ian, or Fluffy Muu muu as he is called, according to Nev, then again, according to Ian, Nev is called Flappysnogshops…… I got this information from Richie, he will deny it, and blame it all on Matthias, and they both blame it on me….. well….. you know how that story goes by now…….

Meet Miriam, whom is assistant to Mr Gurdon.

Max and Peter posing in a true Share the moment spirit!

Meanwhile, Simon from Riedel is enjoying the sun, and flirting with my assistant Cille.

While his partner Thomas is stuck inside a cabin, reprogramming 250 radios………

Tim Tönnessen, one of our two stedy cam operators came in today.

Here is our laundry room! For the FIRST time ever, we managed to borrow the laundry room inside the venue. Thanks to this very nice gesture from the Telenor Arena, laundry is no problem for the crew this year. All they had to do is to invest 5€ in a mesh bag, fill it up with clothes, and give it to Joan and Cille, and they’ll take care of it.

Thanks girls! You ARE both MEGASTARS!

And since the crew doesn’t have to waste time and energy on laundry, they can focus on the job and work much harder……………

SUN STINKS! Can we get some shades in the production office? NOW!? See! We do have problems!!!!!!

You might have already seen this horrible attack on the news. It’s all over CNN, I swear! Yesterday, I was out on a peaceful kick bike ride, minding my own business, being that extra pretty and nice, as only I can be!

All of a sudden, these two weirdos came out of nowhere, attacking me for no reason whatsoever.

Rumour says the attack was ordered by my ex wife, but I don’t know, it might as well be my present one…….

So, learn my lesson! You’ve worked with events too long when:

1* You wife, present or ex ones, orders goons to hurt you.

2* H+S is for girls, and people with nothing better to do with their life.

3* Your white month never last more than maximum 24 hours.


Quote of today is from ME!:

It’s much easier to receive forgiveness than permission!

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