Tere Öhtust everybody!

Today was a BIG day, we FINALLY got to kill house lights at 14:00, so we could see the rig in its full pride! It looks AWESOME! Kids gonna LOVE it!

We are happy as a kangaroo on a trampoline!

See! This is the first day of having the lovely Rachel Ann Sullivan on site, and I’m already getting these in my inbox………..

When we woke up this morning, there was a not so nice surprise for us. SNOW! And poor Jono forgot to put his long pants on! Mama Mia!

First taste of the light porn heading your way. And it’s Al’s favourite colour too!

And here they are, this year’s line up on Lighting Front of House: From left to right: Rachel Ann Sullivan, Theo Cox, Nev Bull, Oz Owen, Andy Voller, Dave Newton, Ian Reith and Lauren Cahill.

Avab CAC seized the moment and rigged their delays before house lights were killed. If they start to play Steely Dan I’ll KILL them!

PRG has also moved their office, they are now located in a office out in the compound behind the production office.

The first OB Truck arrived today! The back up bus will be here in a couple of days. We have a total of 23 cameras including the Green Room.

Well…….. If you can’t find a flood light when you need some worklight, you can always use a Mac 2k………

Eirik from Frontlite is doing thumbs up!

Jan Hermenau from T.E.A.M is back (center), here together with our Head of Press, Peter Svaar, and an unidentified pumpkin………


Maybe I picked the wrong moment to share…………….

But at least Ralph found a way to protect himself!


Since we are celebrating the fact that we have an Irish gal in the house, I decided to quote Ireland’s pride and glory today: Here is George Best! : ¨I spent 90% of my money on women and drinks, the rest I wasted…..¨

Brilliant! This guy can be a backline tech any day!


You know that you worked too long with events when:

1* You move homes using flight cases

2* You label everything with amusing labels.

3* Your most prized possession is your hammock.

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