Guten Abend Music Lovers!

Here is today’s report from the dream factory. We’ve started to clean up the venue floor, and are getting ready to get ¨normal¨ people inside the venue, which actually happened this afternoon.

Sandra and Olivier from Showtex are enjoying lunch outside, happy as two bitterballens in mustard!

Eirik and Mathis are two of the many G4S guys looking after us, making sure that we are safe and sound. Thanks for a great job guys!

These are not the ¨normal ¨ people I referred to on the top of the page. This is the camera crew moving in, putting rails, cranes, risers, monitors and other crap in the way of my daily kick bike route.

Nothing normal here either! Svenja and Geele are installing Schnick Schnack in some props for the UK delegation.

Here is an interesting pile of props…….. A Teddybear???????

Nope, sorry, still no normal people, Geir and Preben chilling out at sound FOH.

And this man is ABSOLUTELY not normal. He has the funniest job in the world! People pay him to blow things up! Meet our pyro darling Markku (AKA Pyroman)!

Now, HERE are the normal people! ( Must be the first time ever I refer to the press as normal…..)

Today we did a presentation of the stage for the press, and you know what that means………. The design is now public, and we can finally start showing pictures of it!

You like that huh!?

Besides a presentation from Jon-Ola Sand, Hasse Lindmo, Kirsten Weltzin and Al Gurdon, the press also got a teaser of two songs, Albania and Ukraine.

So, here it is! The Eurovision Song Contest 2010 stage!  (Beams a la Clay Paky.)

Oups, sorry…..lightporn again……. I’ll ask Joan to take some decent images of the thing for tomorrows update!

FOH pretending that they are busy!

HAPPY MEAL! And a balloon for Big Al! That’s cute Jono, really cute!

Meet some of our new office neighbors! Stina, Evy, Åse, Thomas, Joachim, Peter, Annette, Brynjar, Ivar, Kristian Nicolai, Elisabeth and Anne. I’ll try to behave…………

And let’s not forget Karl Magnus – our resident artist. He’s making a patio umbrella with images of the Eurovision performers.


Finally….. you know you worked too long with events when:

1* You get irritated by people who presume magical fairies make it all happen, so moving the cable run 10 minutes before show time is fine.

2* You might forget your phone but you will NEVER forget your radio.

3* A plaster consists of a piece of lex tape, and you can’t understand when people complain that this isn’t good enough.

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