May 4



Sorry for the delay folks. We’re in the thick of rehearsals and some days get so busy, the diary falls behind! There is no scheduled time to do the updates of this site, and at this point, I have to give the delegations my FULL attention, and you can be SURE that they are poking for it!


As I’m sure you can tell by the greeting, the sponsor drinks from a brewery that starts with a P and ends with EPSI are still locked up.

Krassimir Avramov represents Bulgaria this year with a really cool song. It’s kind of a rock song, with strong opera influence. The name of the song is Illusion, and if you don’t understand what that means, I guess you didn’t understand anything that I ever wrote on this page……………Cool

More of the Illuuuuuuuuuusion….

I really don’t know who this is to be honest, and my mom always told me to be honest……. Everything is a blur right now…………. But it looks nice 🙂


So, since I can’t remember what we’re doing during rehearsals, I thought I’d share some scenes from our daily life here in Moscow!

I took this picture a couple of weeks ago. This was our happy bus driver Alex, every day he was greeting us with a smile. Unfortunately, the bus he drove was very old and kept getting pulled over and searched by the police so they had to replace it with a newer bus. Too bad they replaced the driver too. Frown He is one grumpy mother fornication under consent of the king-er

Here we all are in the old bus. Note the fancy seat covers and curtains! WE MISS YOU ALEX!!!!

Here’s the real catering for the crew folks – Makaohanac!! It’s means Mc Boris! IT’S TRUE!!!!

Another favorite is El Patio, an Italian restaurant next to the venue.

And then there’s always Crapdogs! Got to have a crapdog every now and then……….

Here’s our local grocery store. The sign is an ad for holidays in Marrakesh!

And elsewhere around town, they continue to make things look nice for the visitors. If you have a piece of rope and a board, your welcome to join, but do NOT tell your insurance company about your new gig!

Thank goodness for Makaohanac and Crapdog!

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