May 3



Like athletes preparing for the Olympics, British children preparing for a new episode of Teletubbies, Finnish people putting the vodka on chill, we couldn’t wait to get started! And yesterday was OUR day! First out was Montenegro, after that Czech Republic, then Belarus, Belgium, Sweden, Armenia, Andorra, Switzerland and finally Turkey. So far, so good!

Sweden in rehearsal of their opera disco song La Voix. For those of you that don’t know French, it means “spikey hair is cool”!

Susanne Georgi performing for Andorra made Karsten and Dennis happy, since she is originally from Denmark, but she has lived in Andorra the past 13 years. I was in Andorra once! Great place! The song is called La Teva Decisio, and for all of you that don’t speak Andorrian (I think I just made that word up) it means, ¨I’m a scrambled egg¨ and speaking of that, I can actually say that in both Estonian, Latvian, Turkish, Ukraine, Finnish AND Russian! Best pick up line EVER!

Here is Switzerland on stage, this picture shows the size of the monster stage that we’ve been spending the last month building!

Here are four shots from the Armenian rehearsal that really shows what a versatile stage we have this year! It transforms over and over and over…………..

This is a screenshot of the backup system in the Media Lounge, Showing the 2TB drive at 75% full. Backups of all servers and content project file kept on the network store, automatic backups run every night across the gigabit content network

And Belarus gave us Ice Cream! Best promo EVER, since it’s REALLY warm and nice weather in Moscow now!

This is a new one! I’m pretty sure that this is the FIRST time ever that the lighting designer of the show brings promotional material for the Delegations! Usually it’s the other way around!


That’s all for today! We’ll be back tomorrow with more reports from the wonderful world of Eurovision! Don’t forget to check out clips from today’s rehearsals on!

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