May 5


I hope you are having a FANTA ……..stic day!

OK, now we’re catching up (on the diary!) Another sunny day in…


Still no free drinks…………

The happy painted Eurobusses for the delegations to get to and from their hotels. I’ll bet a rubel these don’t get pulled over and searched!

Hmmmm……what could 500 young people be doing waiting to come into the venue? Maybe to rehearse something??? No, wait! It’s the line to Crapdogs!!!!!

Meanwhile inside, we watch rehearsals for Serbia. FUN song!! We’re supposed to watch the monitor in front of us, cause that’s what the world will see, but sometimes it’s hard with so much going on all around.

Even on the ceiling!

Another one to keep your eye on folks…..Norway in da house, this young man is DANGEROUS! Alexander Rybak is performing his own song Fairytale. He might win the whole damn thing! In fact, he is number one on the betting sites. After Eurovision, he’ll be heading back to Norway, where he will starring in a movie this summer. Busy boy!

We fill the whole arena with “stars” for this song. You need 4 Bad Boys to do the job, but we have 72, just to be sure!

Malin, Knut and Timo! Knut is one of the three Eurovision babies hanging around the venue. I’ll try to put them on stage tomorrow and take a picture of them all!

Here’s the Alphacam team! Top row from left: DeJon, Remco, Sikora, Bart (who sends a big kiss to his girlfriend Floor) Bunny, Maaike and fake Peter. Then in the front row, Caeyers, Stijn, and fake-Patrick the Pirate. Fake it till you make it!

It was Kai’s birthday (and a great excuse to eat cake!) Did you know that his favourite song is called Wir Tanzen Polka Denn Wir Lieben Germany. You should google it! It’s crap!



Meanwhile in Ireland……

Did you see the news? Oh my God! What a HORRIBLE accident! CNN reports that food for one family for a week went to waste in this horrific road congestion!


Could be? I’m sure I am!


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