Goedenavond readers! Hope life is good with you.

Big day today! Al and his team is arriving from the Island, so today is the big hand over day of FOH for PRG. Good for them that everything is up and running, so I didn’t have to kick their ***

The funniest thing happened today! I googled ¨funny sound engineer¨ and there was not a single hit! NOT ONE! I know….. I better start running……

So, Dana continues to impersonate Lego People on her coffee break.

ANd before you knew it, one became two, since Veit decided to join.

And it developed into a movement when Geele joined.

You guessed right! The cover of a Bad Boy is an excellent body armour too! It’s nice to see that they have time to play around in the workshop, since that means that the gear is up and running the way it should be!

PA loaded in today. By the way! I got a sound joke that even sound people will love!

Q: How many sound engineers does it take to change a light bulb?

A: One.  To sit still and hold the bulb, and the world revolves around him!

Props tent is up, and the first props has arrived! This area will be very crowded before you know it!

So, after the coffee break this afternoon, I couldn’t find my kick bike at first. As you can see, Aggreko had something to do with it, since I found it in their restricted compound area. I’m plotting my revenge right now, feel free to send me suggestions on our Facebook page!

Showled Chameleon in action ladies and gentlemen. In the front you see our floor light set up with Mac 2000 and Atomic strobes.

ISLANDERS! And I totally forgot to order Steak and Kidney pie from Mona! Shame on me!

We started the day with moving into our new office in the general production area behind the stage. We’ll do a closer presentation of our new neighbours tomorrow!

Curious as I am, I just had to take a peak over the fence to see what was on the other side!

I turns out that is where all the cables from the generators and OB are coming in, and beyond that, is the Krankenhaus= Workshop. And that explains the funny noises……….


Finally, you know that you worked too long with events when:

1* You had 20 cups of coffee, but you’r still tired.

2* You never go to an event unless you are paid to be there.

3* You only measure in strides, tape measures are for girls.


Love you long time, many happy!

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