Hejsan Svejsan!

Here is today’s report from the factory where dreams comes true! We are still living the dream, being happy as a finger in pudding. I’m extra happy! I’m running out of jokes about drummers and sound engineers, but there is good news! Rachel Ann Sullivan is arriving tomorrow, together with the rest of The Gurd crew. Besides being a very talented content creator, she is from Ireland! So I can FINALLY dig out those potato jokes again! HOORAY!

It’s kind of a busy day today, so I’ll try to keep today’s update short!

Our Executive Producer Jon-Ola Sand and our TV Producer Hasse Lindmo in their shiny hats!

Mike Redmer is configuring the Catalysts, so they will be up and running when PRG hands over the FOH to Al Gurdon and his team tomorrow afternoon.

Simon, Ian, BJ, Lars and Chris taking a tea break. That is SO British!

Ralf is not impressed by the tea drinkers, as you can tell by the looks of his face.

Meanwhile, Svenja is continuing installing Schnick Schnack here, there, everywhere. But it’s MUCH less than her mission last year, when the poor thing had to install 9800 of those thingies!

The four audience screens are prepared, and are ready to be rigged. Now we just have to fit them in between the spines somehow. Each screen is 6 x3,4 meters and we use 2 x Barco R12’s per screen.

Today we hung the black out drapes around the stage. We have a whole truck of Molton from Showtex, to do all the black outs.

Once the Molton was up, it was time to hang the Showled Chameleon Starcloth. Our first idea was to use the Showled Animation, but once we decided NOT to have any LED in this year’s show, we changed this back drop too, since the Chameleon would fit in better with the general look. It kept Thomas busy a good portion of the day, since we have 870 sqm of it!

Oslo Kru decided it was time for a workout, you do have to keep in shape in order to survive the long days!


Tommy is peaking out from the backstage area.


We’ll skip todays Norwegian quote, and jump right into:

You know you’ve been working too long with events when:

1* You get irritated by a building that has stairs or steps

2* You refer to your Hi-fi as Front of House

3*You always have at least two rolls of lex tape in your pocket.

Now, if you excuse me, I need to go and prepare the inflatable chocolate cattle for the Irish girl and prepare the Steak and Kidney pie for the Islanders!

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