MAY 20



Hope life is good with y’all! Over here, it starts to get REALLY busy! We’re into second rehearsals of the songs in Semi Final 1, and some delegations are starting to get nervous, which adds a lot of pressure on us within the production. We are here to create a unique look for each and every one of the 39 participating countries, and we now have to start standing our ground on this, since delegations tend to look at what the other songs get in terms of staging, lighting and camera work, and request the same or similar. We can fulfill some of them, if they make sense, and if we believe it will add value to the performance, but in general, we are not equipped or willing to do any major changes between rehearsal two and the upcoming dress rehearsals. We only have 24 hours per day and we need to filter the requests and focus on fine tunings and maintain the unique looks.

It’s a dirty job,  but someone has to do it !Cool

So……. I went from sharing the moment, to BECOMING the moment!

Kati Varblane is in da house! I got to know this lovely sweet Estonian girl back in 2001, during pre production for Eurovision 2002. Back then, she was the accreditation manager, today, she is the assistant of Svante Stockselius. Good to see you again girl!

Things have slowed down a little for Linda and Terje, and they are ENJOYING the moment!

It’s always interesting to see what each of the countries do to stay memorable. True a good song helps, but with 39 competitors there’s a lot of talent to go up against! Here’s Russia where it actually snows on stage. Peter Nalitch is here singing “Lost and Forgotten”.

Malta has a dancing bird – at first it looks like she has wings but then the bird flies around! Very effective!

….and a gorgeous girl with an amazing voice is always popular. This is Aisha from Latvia. Niiiice!

And Belgium is definitely unique with a solo on stage, Tom Dice and his guitar. Great song!

OMG! I can NOT believe that I haven’t caught this girl on film before! Here’s our wonderful Floor Manager Nina helping Mr. Dice and his guitar. YOU ROCK GIRL!

My kids, their Mom Gittan and their Aunt Tessan are enjoying the show from first row.

Nathalie, Emelie, Sebastian and Stephanie posing in front of the stage.

Over at the press center, things are getting busy. This wall has mailboxes for the press so they know the schedules, press conferences and other important things happening in the next week. We have over 2000 journalists from more than 70 countries here covering the show!

I guess everyone is in the arena watching rehearsals…….except a cow???

MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! Hey! That means we have TWO Fluffy muu muus !!

Someone lost some flowers!


Please forgive me for the short updates right now, it’s kind of a flaming inferno here right now! (not in a bad way though)


Norwegian lesson of today!:

¨ Et trana di¨ = Eat your cod liver oil! (OMG, that is horrible! Taste like death, PURE death)

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