MAY 19



All still good, full on rehearsals, and very little time for cigarette breaks, which kills me, in a good way. I need to quit that anyway……..

And WHAT A DAY it was yesterday! Clear blue sky and WARM winds! Top Class! Summer is finally here!

We are happy as a chicken wing in hot sauce.

“Beaker” and “Alice” are practicing their dance moves, getting ready for Euroclub!

Paula from Romania is putting out a search warrant on the LED!

Now here’s a sweet face! Justiina is enjoying an ice cream and dreaming about the day she can blow up things like her Dad!

While Hanna is busy practicing for her future Eurovision debut…..

But they’re not the only little girls playing around! Joan and Cille decided to demonstrate Denmark’s prop.

Meanwhile, the rest of us are working! Here’s Georgia on stage.


Stage motion is moving trusses, set pieces, drapes, and eating cookies!

Geir gets to enjoy the sunshine and a buggy ride.

So, Joan sends the runner out to get Mc Donalds for FOH, without ordering something for me……. WTF????

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! My wonderful beautiful kids came today! My oldest son Kim is home in Stockholm, since he has to work (sucks being a grown up huh?) but Nathalie, Emelie, who turned 13 yesterday, Stephanie and Sebastian are here for a couple of days, checking out rehearsals, and Oslo!

I’m SO glad to see them again! Haven’t seen them in a month! That is BY FAR the hardest part with having the kind of job that we all have here……


Time to run! See you tomorrow!

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