MAY 21



Here is today’s update from the WONDERFUL city of Oslo. All is running smooth, in fact, when a journalist asked me how smooth it was running, I said, BETTER than ever before. And that is my honest opinion. Thank you NRK for all the thought and planning that has been put into this project, it’s truly a joy being a part of this!

We are happy as a full roll of toilet paper ( I know….. these ones are getting worse by the day)

Is it an eagle? NO! Is it an airplane? NO!, Is it a banana? NO dumb ass, It is an early morning kabuki meeting!

Seriously???……………………. Morning gathering in the Aggreko compound! I’m SO happy we put them behind a fence….

Bo is our seating manager, and has spend MANY nights in the venue, marking up the floor, moving things around, and making all the 18,000 seats happen.

Elisabeth and Ragnhild clowing around. I think their old hair style is better to be honest……..

The main set piece in the Portugal song is a 3-D video curtain that is lowered all the way down to the stage. Looks really cool.

Meet the Eurovision Hosts! Haddy and Erik on the left and Nadia on the right with Jergen from NRK in his ultra red shoes!

The FYR Macedonia song is built on lights only.

While the Belarus song has silk curtains and the Color Block wall in for their performance. Here with happy butterfly confetti.

Steve Moles from Lighting and Sound International was in town yesterday to check out the VERY cool Oslo Opera House, and of course he wanted to come by and say hello!

Elmar carries in the LED stairs for Azerbaijan. He IS strong!

My kids cheering for Sweden! Needless to say, Anna is their favourite artist in this year’s show!

Christer Björkman, former Björknoff is the Head of Delegation for Sweden, and also a member of the Reference Group.

Lithuania has a surprise jam session over at the press centre as you do……..

Sweden press conference. GO SWEDEN GO!

My daughter Nathalie got to meet Anna Bergendahl. She was walking on clouds the rest of the day, in her pink Converse.


Or as the say in Norway……..

Du är nydelig = You are goregeous!

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