Whey aye man? I’ve been told this means ¨What’s up¨ in Newcastle……

Well………. After promising you a report from our night out on May 1, I’ve been approached by crewmembers left and right, that has offered gifts, favours and money so I won’t include them in this report.

I said ¨Sure thing¨, accepted the bribes, and will publish them anyway Cool I know….. I’m a lying son of a ****** , but the world has the right to know about these things, otherwise it wouldn’t be a true backstage thing.


Hey, my spikes are back! Thanks to Two Dogs, who were kind enough to give us a private room in the back. Olaf, Ralf, Mirko, Matthias and me sharing the moment.

22:14:12, Richie shows up with a tray of beer.

22:15:20, Matthias takes the same glasses back to the bar for a refill!

Thomas from Riedel posing. I’ll send out my reporter Joan in a couple of days. to cover the grounds of all the stuff Riedel is doing here!

If Dennis liked Reagge, he would look like this. Thank God the man is just like me and HATES it!

Geele invented a new sport. It’s called ¨Karate Dart¨ and it looks like the whole point with the game is to miss the board……………

Tino, Joan and Danny sharing the moment.

Peter and Michael enjoying a night out after days in cherry pickers.

All of a sudden, I found myself at a party across the street, at the Spectrum, where Cubus had a big party. Here with Martin from Frontlite, and Andy from Visual Act.

But why hang out with people from the Fashion industry, when you can hang out with the best crew in the world? Dr Love, Cille, Joan, Mike and Geele takes a break from Karate Dart.

Hang on!

I need to stop hanging out with this man! But I DO love his shirt!


Here is a funny quote from Edvard Munch: ¨ I have fear of photography as long as it cannot be used in heaven and in hell¨


But it CAN be used on the internet! Mooooooaaaaaaahahaaahaaaahaaaaaaaa


See you meat biscuits tomorrow!

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