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Hi there music lovers! Here’s today’s update from Planet Eurovision! Artist rehearsals are going on for full, and today we did the first half of Semi-Final 2.

So I finally got my graphic from FOH!! It said, “Sorry we didn’t make a special graphic for your birthday. We’re SORRY SORRY SORRY! Love, the team at Front of House”

And then when Sweden took the stage I got a nice big “OLA” Laughing

I’m not just saying this because I’m Swedish, but the Sweden song this year is INCREDIBLE!!! Watch out! Super dangerous!

Not that they don’t have plenty of competition…..Armenia has a really good song as well!

Just had to throw in some light porn……. Give the guys a wall full of Alpha Spots, and you will get miracles in return!

And here it is! The shot that should be remembered as the Norwegian! There are two 50″ plasma screens on tracks, left and right of the 2-D cam. When the camera passes, the screens slide sideways, opening up for the cam. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!

Eastern European Funk performed by Lithuania. It’s a REALLY charming and happy song!

Per Sundin and JaQuel Knight resting on their staircase full of high res LED, specially designed for the Azerbaijan entry.

Pavlo Grytsak in da house Ladies and Gentlemen!

To say that Switzerland sparkles would be an understatement!

Alyosha competes with a REALLY cool song, that stands out a lot.

Another ex-Eurovision Song Contest Lighting Designer is in da house! Mikki Kunttu, who did Eurovision back in Finland 2007 had a production meeting at the Opera house in Oslo today, and of course, he came out to visit us afterwards!

This is actually quite a unique picture, since these Gentlemen have all together done the Lighting Design for Eurovision 2002,2003,2004,2005,2007,2008,2009 and 2010!

From Left: Mikki Kunttu, Al Gurdon and Per Sundin Ladies and Gentlemen. I consider myself VERY lucky, since they are all VERY good friends of mine.

What a treat! Stina gave us all a ride back to the hotel in her cute electric car. I want/need one of those!!!!!

Since Mikki was in town, we JUST had to go to Euroclub……. Rachel and Dave decided to join, but DO NOT tell Al…….. 🙂

Out of the blue, my evil twin brother showed up with a tray of shots!

What to do???


Time to run folks! My kids arrive soon and I need to get ready! Have a great day and we’ll see you tomorrow!

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