Finally! It’s still pretty cold, but at least it’s going in the right direction.

And sun, in combination with learning that Oslo means DONKEY in Russian, just turned it into a pretty good day!

Andreas Stein and Svenja Bischoff are happy it’s finally sunny!

OMG!!!! A sound guy is actually working! Here’s Leif and Manuel unloading yet another truck.

Or……. Is it Leif’s unknown brother Leifonoff? The plot thickens…….

Daniel gives us his best concentration face. Here he is wishing REALLY hard for better catering.

“Manager of Whatever” Totto

This is the punk that teach me all the dirty words…….

His official title is Stage Manager, but him and Greg has to deal with pretty much everything. BUT the stage at the moment. Keep up the good work ¨PAPPSKALLE¨!

Hi. I’m a VERY pretty boy! My name is Philip, and I’m looking for Russian Women Love.

I clean myself and my clothes regularly, the proof is in the bag.


Backstage they’ve unloaded all 135 Clay Paky Alpha Profiles.

Sylvia Pierce joined us today all the way from North Carolina. She’s co-designer of the stage along with John Casey,  who will be here next week. This is her first Eurovision!

Here is some of the Martin LC screen. Right now it’s stashed away under the bleacher, before it will be mounted on the big pile of scaff, that is taking shape out in the venue.

Strike up the Bad Boys Richie! Yeah!!!!!!!!!

Here’s Lena Nebylova, our H&R Manager. It’s thanks to this beutiful girl that we have a place to stay!

Sorry for all the late updates of the travel schedule darling!

We have some creative helmets running around! I think we’ll need to start posting some of these and then vote on the best.

Here, Jenny lets everyone know whose helmet this is…….

While Dennis Drewen goes for an understated yet elegant feather…..

And Johannes Wahl is dreaming of a better place…….

I won the competion, no voting needed, mostly because I am the judge, but I did put a screaming cow on my head! It’s pretty!

It’s true. My friend told me. His name is Tarmo. Maybe you know him too?

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