Do-brih dyen!



And we’ll get to celebrate it TWICE, since the Russian easter is not until next weekend!

Jim Fainburger king……… (talk about hidden marketing) is still very upset over the fact that Oslo means donkey in Russian! So it’s worth repeating! Oslo means donkey in Russian!

Here is the stuff getting us through the long days!

One day more, one day closer, and the venue actually starts to look quite croweded!

But we are FAR from done!

Nick Edwards and Lestyn Thomas is in da house! Here are the two latest arrivals to our constantly growing team. They are the BAD BOYS…………………….Techs!

And the generator guys are continuing pulling cables! I have to remember to ask them how many kilometers of cable they will pull before they are done.

Markus Hiltensperger is coming down with a cold so we just gave him some DayQuil.

Or am I confused`Is this Christer Björkman????

So……. I would refer to these things as boxes with strange things inside.

Andy Colhoun from Visual Act would say: “There are differing degrees of explanation for these boxes.

1. Novice- Magic boxes that make the big ring thing levitate above the stage.


2. Intermediate- Motor control cabinets each connected to a motor that is connected to a winch that has a big long wire that is connected to the big ring that levitates above the stage.


3. Expert- Rexroth Indra Drive intelligent motor controllers connected together via profibus, The motors are also intelligent Rexroth own brand with all tuning information contained in the motor incremental encoder. There is an incremental encoder attached to the spindle of each winch, that are connected to a profibus gateway within each cabinet on a second Profibus network. The motor is attached to the worm gearbox with a 1:10 ratio which is connected to the drum of a 250Kg winch that has a stroke of 60 Metres. The cable is rigged with a four to one ratio which means that we can lift 1000Kg with each winch. The winch speed has been set to 2 Metres per second for this show, but we will be doing more experiments when we return to Sweden and will be going much faster for our 3D flying. For Eurovision each winch will be attached to the “Header”( big ring thing). that will fly around and undulate to the music. The header is encrusted with F-Leds. It is going to look bloody marvelous.

I would say that in this image, there are strange things with wires:

Andy Colhoun from Visual Act would say: “Read my blog” on Visualact.se

Thanks Andy!

Mike Redmer joined us today! WELCOME, or as they say here in Russia: On blya du yet!

Tino Mueller shows off his Inspector-Gadget helmet. Still no competition with my cow though.

It’s true!

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