Sorry for not being able to do the update yesterday. We spent all day trying to understand what happened with our only lifeline, the Motorola GP340 Walkie Talkies. They’ve been working flawless for 3 weeks, but all of a sudden, someone decided that they should be reprogrammed and VOILA, nothing worked……. Quite interesting to try doing a show of this scale, not being able to talk to each other……………..

Another day, another fire drill. These guys sure take their mission serious!

Todays drill was extra interesting, since they blew off a smoke bomb to create the same conditions as during a real fire.

And to make it even more realistic, they blasted the venue with two G300 fog machines. I think I speak for everyone involved in this production when I say that we feel very well protected!

The venue just installed a new ticketing system, and realized that it would be a good idea to check if it works, before the audience is coming here to see the show. So they invited 7 000 people just to make sure that the entire system is up and running. We took a 2 hour break in camera rehearsals and had artists performing for the crowd. It was a nice thing to have guests in the venue.

If you see this man run, try to keep up! Markku Aalto is in da house! This crazy 4 fingered guy is our pyro designer, ready to blow up everything in sight! That is if his bombs ever make it past the Russian border…….. They are dealing with it on the highest possible level right now, and I’m sure it will be solved before we start to rehearse the delegations in a couple of days.

Yepp! The chairs in catering are GOOD! If they can stand the weight of me and Henke together, they will most probably survive a nuclear war. This was not really the reason why we ended up like this, we are actually protesting against the long lines in catering. They have one hour to serve 300 people when we hit the real rehearsals on Sunday, and they are pretty far from being able to do that…….. Henke is SO grumpy over the fact that my headset is nicer than his…………… I think we need to give him some manlove!

I can’t believe it! I send Joan under the stage to check if the air conditioning is working, and the first thing she bumps into is two sound guys, SLEEPING!! We’ve been looking for these guys three days!

Once they were removed, this is how it looks like under the stage. They even made street signs so they know where they are. Here’s Berliner Str. and behind that is Oxford Street!

Two Kai’s out of three in shot! Kai Reiss is in da house! Kai (to the left) is operating PA from F.O.H together with Bernd Buthe. It’s the second year in a row that Kai gets to play all this wonderful music for the crowds!

Oh, that would hurt!

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