I’m BACK! Well…….. I still feel like shit, but I’d rather feel like shit at the venue,then staring at the walls in my hotel room! So, right now it’s more Berocca and less Vodka! I wonder what happens if you mix the two………. might be worth trying………Besides me being sick, the day didn’t improve by Sweden losing to Latvia in the World Cup of Icehockey! What the hell happened there? Put on the skates before next game guys………….

Not even Aigars Dimza, our production manager for the interval acts were happy over the Latvian victory! And he IS from Latvia! I haven’t worked with Aigars since Eurovision in Riga 2003, good to see you again buddy! This is like a class reunion!

Timo got his hands on the camera at one unprotected moment!

Here is the air condition units for the stage. If you put 735 tiles (374sqm)of O-lite 510. Already when we run the LED on 5% intensity it gets 55°C under the stage, so the whole construction needs some SERIOUS air condintioning and ventilation to work, without this, the ambient tempature will cause failure in the LED pretty instant. I guess this is one of the things you don’t think about…..

Well…… Timo actually managed to snatch the camera twice………….

Anna & Tiina, preparing for the worst days of their lives! What they do? Accreditation!!!!

Meanwhile, me,Henke and Bo Wahlberg enjoyed a nice lingonberry cake in the sunshine!

Jack Gurdon is in da house! Yes, as I guess you figured out, Jack is Al’s son, and he is here to operate one of the followspots!

The second camera rail, in front of the stage is being laid out and put together, tomorrow it will be up and running like a charm, just in time for our first rehearsals!

Kai, Tino & Philip in catering. By the way, I guess I have forgotten to tell you that catering is actually quite ok now, it’s still a bit slow, but the food is nice, and there is some variation to it as well!

But Greg is sad…….. This boy is just one grumpy bastard!



This is SO strange, but it’s actually true!


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