MOIA ZOLOTAIA PUBKA SIOMALAS! (Hey everyone, how the hell are you!?)

Life in Moscow continues as normal, well, besides the fact that we are still without our radios. I’m sure they will pop up any minute now. Al sent me the rider for Iggy and the Stoogies, and I’ve been in tears all day. That is just the funniest shit I’ve read in a looooooong time! I just have to share a small piece of the 27 pages long rider. This is how to order base amps! :



2 X MARSHALL VBA 8 X 10 CABINETS (There’s lovely)

3 X MARSHALL VBA BASS AMPLIFIERS Please make sure they’re good ones

or we’ll all end up as wormlike web-based life forms in the bass player’s online

literary diahorrea. Honestly. He’s like a sort of internet Pepys or Boswell, except

without the gout and the syphilis. For all I know.

{I bet I know what you are thinking. You’re thinking “Marshall Bass Gear? I didn’t

know Marshall made bass gear. ”

Well, they do! And very good it is too. Some time, you should try it out, and if you

run a hire company, you should buy some and start renting them. They make Ampeg

gear sound like er… Ampeg gear. Anyway that’s not the point is it? If you are

thinking what I think you are thinking, i.e. that you don’t have any Marshall bass

gera, we will have to have Amopeg instead. Happy now?


Meanwhile, in the CCU (Camera Control Unit) Irene,Thomas,Chris and Luke are playing Donkey Kong on a very advanced Nintendo!

Irina Gulyaeva is in da house! Irena works as 1st Assistant to our beloved director Mr. Andrey Boltenko, and she has REALLY busy days getting everything ready for the delegations arrival on Sunday.

So, lets put some chairs on our head, do a silly dance, and see if Greg will give us Popcorn! Nope, didn’t work!

OMG! Is this a sight for sore eyes! THANK YOU SYLVIA, for bringing this to us, all the way from US&A!

This is where we will kick some Russian ass in the upcoming football game! Noooooooooo! Just joking, we can’t play football! This is actually the area will host the Green Room.

Here is the monitor and microphone patch on Stage Right.

The Grumpy Brothers: Henke and Tarmo! Get your own stinking headsets dudes!

Most probably the best steady cam operator in the world. Ah, who are we kidding! Without a doubt, the BEST steady cam operator in the world! Johan Sandklef ladies and gentlemen!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaana! Here is the SUPERSTAR girl taking care of all our shuttles,hotel reservations etc etc. WE LOVE YOU BABY!

Here is how it goes……. If you bring in more stuff, you need more power, if you need more power, you need to bring in more generators, if you bring in more generators, you need more cable! Simple huh? The generator boys are now up to 54km of cable from the generators into the power points around in the venue!

The in ear systems are lined up and ready to go!

So are the microphones!

All we need now is delegations! And a new floor manager, Henke is so mean………….


Seriously mate.


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