Since we are in stand-in rehearsals and really don’t have that much to report from the stage, I thought we should dive a bit deeper into the different departments that help put this massive show together. I sent out my brave reporter Eva Rosberg to find out what these strange sound people are really up to.

Thanks Ola! Let’s start at the top! When the artist first shows up at the venue, they are escorted to the souncheck room. This is their first sound check, and it’s done off stage before their first on-stage camera rehearsal in order not to waste time with this on stage. Each country gets 30 minutes in here, to make sure that their In Ear Monitor settings are perfect.

Needless to say, we have hundreds of headphones in this production!

This is the backstage prep area for microphones. The EBU rules states that there can only be 6 performers on stage, and ALL vocal sounds must be live, so quite naturally, that limits the amount of mics that need to be prepped for each country.

Jan Heering is our frequency police, besides being the on site representative for our mic and IEM system. If you show up with a wireless device that is not in his list, we will take your badge, and KICK you out of the arena. And you will NEVER be allowed in again. I’m serious, that is also in the EBU rules. So, he has a lot of things to look after for SHURE!

After 28 years of using Sennheiser, we decided to shock the world, so this year we are using Shure.

Once the settings are done, they are saved to a memory stick, and a runner takes them out to the Monitor position, where the settings are uploaded well in advance to the stage rehearsal. This area is hidden in the underworld of the stage and Johan Rinstad is the boss here.

We always have an onstage sound liaison on this production. Mattias is the link between the performer and the monitor desk, and all requests of changes regarding levels are communicated through him. This makes the artist feel comfortable and well looked after.

This is FOH Sound located on the arena floor where the audience mix is done. Just as in all other positions in this show, we running off a main desk with a tracking back up desk if things decide to go haywire. Matthias Winter rules this part of the world.

I guess we can’t do a deep dive into sound without introducing our sound designer! Meet Fredrik Stålne (to the right) who is responsible for the broadcast sound, in other words, the sound you will hear in your TV at home. He spends most of his days in the sound truck which is parked outside the venue in the OB compound.

Here is his temporary home! Fredrik also does the time coding of all music tracks in the show.

So, pretty simple, right?……

What is the difference between a toilet seat and a monitor technician?

The toilet seat only has to handle one asshole at the time! 🙂

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