So, a quick note to all blogs, Instagrams, twitters and God knows what that are in on our webpage nicking pictures without permission: This is fine, BUT, you can show some courtesy and give us credit for them when you re-post them. We are putting A LOT of time and work into this blog, and you are NOT!


And if you don’t, I’ll send the head of all heads to chase you down! Our dear EBU Executive Supervisor Jon-Ola Sand is in da house, so we all start behaving NOW 🙂 Jon-Ola was my boss already on Eurovision Song Contest 2010 in Norway, where he was the Executive Producer, and he is stiiiiiiiill my boss!

Ladies and Gentlemen! Meet Emma Weil. Emma is the assistant to Fredrik Jönsson and Mikki Kunttu and will be defending their designs in the viewing room wearing shiny armour and a pretty sharp tongue.

Here is the gang that ALWAYS gets the shortest break! Our Followspot operators. We have 6 frontal, two diagonal, and 6 back spots in this show. Back row L to R: Robert Lövgren, Janne Sandsten, Anna-Maria Ericson Möller, Robban Holm, Stephanie Wennerström, Marcus Brandberg, Katja Aiha, Q-lan Wallertz, Rebecka Erixon, Tina Strand. Front row L to R: Fredrik Hill, Kevin “vintage smurf” Moorhouse, Johan Ilve, Michael Hultgren and Victor Svesson.

As you can see, they are a quite serious bunch of people………… And they control the only true “live” lighting element in the show! If they sneeze, you WILL know……..

And here he is! The Überstumbaum fĂŒhrer for Followspots himself- Q-lan Wallertz! If you click on his image, you’ll see what band he has been the Lighting Designer for since 1983!

Greenroom is up and ready to go. We will have crystal objects from Orrefors on the tables, so we needed to illuminate them from the inside. 26 Martin MAC Auras later – problem solved. And they won’t boil the artists’ cold drinks!

Mr. Swagemaker is back in da house! I’m sure many of you remember his dance at FOH back in 2007. If not, click

. Good to have you back behind the Cyberhoist control buddy! He has been practicing his dance moves for three months already!

Shame on me for not posting a picture of Luna until now! I know her dad has been looking for this every day. Well, here she is dad! Luna is one of MANY Awesome stage hands on this show.

Kristian Öryd has found his pimp case, and the control station for the moviebird crane on SL is now almost as decorative as our stage.

I need to find the sign lady and kill her…………. in a friendly and loving way of course! But can I at least bring my Coke on stage?

Hmmmmmm………. tried to find a funny Dutch joke on internet……could not find a single one……….. 😉

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