Another fun day yesterday! We started Stand-in rehearsals and even had Family Day!

First I’d like to introduce (again) Henke, who you’ve seen in past Eurovisions. I absolutely LOVE working with this wonderful floor manager.

Dummy rehearsals for the songs started today! OK, they’re not dummies – that term is used for people who stand in place for the real performer but usually don’t make a sound. Ours are MUCH more interesting! We’re doing what we did both in Norway in 2010 and Malmö in 2013, where we have a local dramatic arts school use Eurovision as a semester project. We have the Kulturama and Victor Rydbergs schools with us here in Stockholm. The students learn the songs, dances and different languages for all 42 countries. It makes the rehearsals so much more interesting and give all departments a better feel for how the lighting, video, cameras, etc will behave when the artists arrive in a few days. And these kids are talented! One of the stand-ins from Malmö,


So we get to do a full set of rehearsals a week prior to the artists actually showing up in Stockholm! We tape the final run through of each song, and send it to the Head of Delegation of each country, and they can come back to us with remarks on camera, video content, lighting and program sound much earlier than years before. This used to be an image of a stand in rehearsal of one of the competing countries, but that country has contacted SVT and asked us to remove it, so you have to settle whith this image instead…………

Here’s a rehearsal of what the nosebleed section will see. Thank God for the huge screens around the arena!

Hey, we even have stand-in fans! Since we have standing audience, our directors wanted people in the foreground of the cameras. We got a pile of Elvis and Marylin Monroes, just as in 2013. And just as in 2013, these were on sale……..

Spock is cheering for Sweden! He’s been scaring the crap out of some of the kids during family day.

Family Day brought a lot of familiar faces, although some have grown up a lot! Tobias’ daughter Hedwig was just a baby when she visited us in Russia in 2009!

Girts said this is only one of 4 family photos they have, since he always seems to be the one behind the camera!

Here’s Josephine Görander, Asst. Executive Producer and her lovely family checking out the mystery world under the stage. But what’s up with the logo on the chest of the little person to the right?

Hey, Grumpy’s boys actually look pretty happy! It might be becuase he took the golf cart to pick them up at the subway station…….

And here’s the Brynte family photo with their evil Uncle Ola trying to get attention from the back! I could totally belong to this family!

And 3 of my beautiful kids came to say hi too! From right to left: Kim, his beautiful girlfriend Sara, me, Sebastian and Nathalie. Nathalie was only 10 months old when she entered the Eurovision stage for the very first time, back in Kyiv in 2005. I would not be suprised if she will re enter it as an artist one day!

Big sis Steffie chose to work behind the scenes instead!

This could be my third daughter Emelie! But it’s not! She could not come, since she was in the stable with her horse! Hopefully I can get them into one of the dress rehearsals so Emelie gets to see this too! This is actually Ulf & Bryntes daughter Elin having fun with my unicorn mask, which is a must-have in any proper production case!

The early bird might get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

See you tomorrow!

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