April 23


Checking back in with you from the epicenter of greatness! I just heard from Yuval Cohen that he’ll be ready with the script on June 28, so we are in good hands everybody!

There has been reports about strange Muppets making their way into the arena lately. I managed to capture one of them on film. Let us know if you know who this person is!

Seconds later I found another one. He smelled like diesel, just like the first one! Any information you can give to us about who this is will be greatly awarded with free tickets to the Grand Final!

Sorry! No free tickets for y’all! It turns out that it was our stage crew, headed by our Senior Stage Manager Tobbe Berg and his two ninjas, Oskar ¨Bearnaise¨ Österlie and Henrik ¨Hank¨ Israelsson. Thin about it! What a proper last name Hank has!!!!!

Say HELLO to our Head of Press and International Relations Tal Barnea! He was feeling red yesterday!

Say HELLO to our Tenders and IMS manager Kobi Nussbaum! As you can see, he already picked his favorite host!  Lucy Ayoub is clearly his choice!

I can’t really show you any stage shots at the moment since we are in stand in rehearsal mode. So, let’s take a look in the opposite direction! We use a total of 278 DTS Katana as our main fixture in this area.

We use ROBE BMFL and Mega Pointe as spots over the audience.

Finally, the whole arena is outlined with Sharpy Washes to define the room.

They said it would never rain in Tel Aviv in April……….. well…… it did……. and more!

See you mushkins tomorrow!

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