April 24


Tjäääääänare! And welcome to another day in the no drama zone of Eurovision! A very special thanks to my super duper awesome Shira Horovitz whom is running around in the venue taking a lot of pictures while I’m busy with goofing around!

Mr. Mumzig and Mr. Björkskaft has some AMAZING news to give you in a couple of days! Marvin is bitter………..

So, we decided to cheer him up with a goofy look. No success. Still bitter.

So, we tried with a bit more passion. Still bitter! He claims he was focused………

Here are more focused people…….. Lechay, Eyal and Anat enjoying the rehearsals!

What do you get if you take a half Russian, Half German ex-army girl?  An awesome floor manager of course!  Say HELLO to our Senior Floor Manager Ruthie! Mess with her, and you will dance in the dark, off camera, outside the venue. And you will never be let back in again. Love you girl!

Say HELLO to the Chief of Staff at KAN, Ayala Mizrahi. As you might have noticed by now, this country is FULL of drop-dead gorgeous women.

And say HELLO to our current superstars! The artists for our stand in rehearsals!

These wonderful and talented singers and dancers has practiced for months to learn the lyrics and choreography for ALL the songs in our show. Their rehearsals are done with full production, and it might be the most secret thing going on in the universe at the moment.

We record all rehearsals, and the final take is sent to the delegation, so they can review their song, performed on our stage, weeks before they show up here. It also gives the production a chance to practice all the routines that is involved with handling the routes for all our performers. Here is a happy gang ready to go on stage after their in- ear rehearsal.

As you can see, our audince goes absolutely bonkers!

The venue is an absolute NO PHOTOGRAPHY zone at the moment. But we figured we can give you a glimpse of what is going on, since this image really doesn’t reveal any secrets, or tell you what country this is for.

The first one that can guess who it is, wins a signed crew shirt from Modern Talking.

Here is the all time favorite song of Johannes Schau!

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