April 22


Hejsan Hejsan and welcome back from our Easter break. As I’m sure you understand, we didn’t break at all, only the diary! Here is today’s update for all you music lovers!

We started off Easter with a great party at our Show Producers awesome rooftop! You’ll find him in the middle of this shot. You should know by now that he’s like supermegaawesome, and that his name is Yuval Cohen! To the left of him is a retard named Ola and to his right is one of our hosts, Erez Tal!

Mr Björkowich decided to wear all white on Easter. Turns out that this is the proper thing to do in Israel. Here together with our good friend and great song writer Doron Medalie. He wrote a pretty awesome song last year!

That song was performed by this crazy wonderful girl as you all know as Netta Barzilai! So great to see you again girl!

I think I’m getting stalked by a Supermodel.……….  But no complains!!!!!!

Even though I’m faaaaaar away from family and loved ones at the moment, I got an Easter gift from wonderful Christer Björkaballe! I consider him to be my own personal Easter Chicken these days. I know……… that statement might put funny images in your head, and I’m sorry about that.

Tobias also got a gift, but not as pleasent as mine. Hi got snow……….. It ALWAYS snow when Tobias is doing Eurovision…….. this is the FINAL proof! Oh well……. it’s hail, but close enough! People claim that it never rains in Tel Aviv in April……….. to be fair, they never said anything about hail………

NORWAY is in da house! Tim Tönnessen became world famous last year after violating the Belarusian rose. His focus puller Stephanie Amundsen is also world famous, because she is AWESOME!

While the rest of you were chasing chickens, eating ham, killing bunnies, rolling eggs or overconsuming candy, the faithful Eurovision Crew was busy with continuing our preparations for the stand in rehearsals that starts today. That included a pyro test with the fire marshalls.

My temporary office in front of the stage is also completed! Now I just have to remember that I should show up tomorrow!

Now, why on earth would I forget to show up for work? Well…….. this place is famous for putting its visitors in a pretty massive meat coma………..

See for yourself! The 231 plates on the table are just starters……….. they were followed by a 600 gram Wagyu rib eye with foi gras. This place is horrible! And I’m only saying that because I don’t want any of you visiting Tel Aviv while I’m here to overbook the place so I can’t get a table when I need too! Off the record, it’s my favorite place in town!

Me being able to produce this update should be proof enough that I managed to crawl out of bed and go to the venue this morning!

See you cats tomorrow!

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