Ahoj milovníkov hudby!

Awesome! Yesterday there was a strike at all major airports in Germany, and tomorrow, the transport union has a strike in Sweden. Really? Can we get a couple of religious holidays into the mix as well?

I’m not gonna tell the loooooooong story, I’m just gonna leave it with, Timo has a long history with water, which explains why there are rubber ducks all over his work station. Trust me, it’s funny.

Justin Eichel from CAST BlackTrax arrived today to install the BlackTrax system we’ll use for the opening and interval acts. It’s an über cool tracking system that took home the PLASA Gold Innovation award in September while Fredrik and I were there. Of course we had to have it! Especially since I’m in the jury of that award…………… 🙂 Good to have you here buddy!

Peeling off the protective covering on the projection wall almost takes as long as building the damn thing 🙂

Once the wall was completed, it was time to start with the extremely time consuming operation of lining up all the projectors. We’ve 13 projectors in different positions, creating 1 seamless image on a curved asymetric wall.

Barco and Mediatec team assessing the line up.

Joan went on a trip up to the roof to see everything from another perspective. This is looking down over the stage. There is so much rigging and wires it’s like a spider web, so if she fell off, there is no way that she would be able to hit the floor directly!

This is looking down at one of the follow busstops. They’ll have to climb down two ladders, but will have harness and fall arrester when they climb to their position, so no big deal.

The riggers were wondering what these things were – they were told that they’re some sort of Christmas decoration but they’re too big to store anywhere so they just live in the roof most of the year. No one is sure what exactly they are though… Maybe they are lobster traps or giant schnabel käse containers? Who knows??????

SL arch is in position! Just need to fluff it up with all the amazingly fun strobes that we’ve hidden in this structure. The Solaris LED Flare is not only the coolest strobe on the planet, it’s also built by someone that has a VERY strong connection to Eurovision Song Contest: Company NA, who were my local partner back in 2003 @ Eurovision in Riga, Latvia, and who has been REALLY good friends ever since. Es Esmu Sakulta Ola!

You know you’re in the lighting industry when you don’t see Jesus in a potato chip….you see a gobo. AMEN

Neil has said he doesn’t like his photo taken, which only puts a giant target on him. Watch your back! This Indian mumbo jumbo hokus pokus will not work out well for you! We’ll take your soul for sure!

Hanna and Stuart are in da house, making their Eurovision gangsta signs. Most of the SVT office moved in today. Stuart is our viewing room producer and first lady in our Riverdance line up, while Hanna is his better, and MUCH hotter half, who truly thinks that the ultimate definition of beauty is…………………ME. What a sweetheart!

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