Halló tónlist elskhugi

Yet another day in paradise, where we are making progress by the hour.

Emma is pimped. After a grumpy facebook message, I felt the urge to fluff her workspace. A quick run to the mall  – mission completed!

This is where we were at noon yesterday. Things are starting to shape up.

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All generators are up and running, giving us a nice solid current.

Jimmy from Broil King, here to assemble the 3 Broil King Sovereign XL BBQ grills! They are not an official event supplier, but they SHOULD be! Thanks for supporting us! Now we just need to find a space where we can have our traditional bbq’s!

Helen Marenghi in da house! She will be the eyes and ears of Fredrik in the viewing room.

Matthias enjoying the sun in the OB compound. He’s been under a lot of stress during the first week of production, but he managed to keep his team on schedule, and most stuff is up and running now, so he can relax. Well………… unti the almighty creative team comes and changes everything again that is……………………….

Mikki and chickie, lovers forever.

It didn’t take long for someone to deface our production wall – love the moustache Jens!

René Berhorst from MA Lighting stopped by to make sure that FOH is behaving. Good luck with that!

Video village on the 3rd floor! Team Peppe were smart, and asked for a conference room instead of a spot at FOH. Joan will do a detailed report from this pixel filled room very soon!

Don’t piss off Pucko! It doesn’t matter if you are the best floor manager in the world. If you have the nerve to park your car in the load in area, Pucko will make sure you’re not moving it until you are on your knees praying.


Never forget, today is the tomorrow your worried about yesterday!

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