Olá amantes da música.

Days are running a little bit too fast. I think an ideal Eurovision build up day should have at least 36 hours……… But hey! We love deadlines! Especially  when they make that whoosh sound as they go by………

Fredrik and Mikki’s work places are officially ready. All we need now is a couple of Hello Kitty stickers. Not gay at all.

Viola! Job done!

Our Super German, Marcus got in yesterday, from China. Love your hat dude!

The projection wall is slowly coming into position. This is not an easy piece to put together.

Our army of projectors are in place, patiently waiting for the wall to be complete, so they got something to shine on.

Fredrik Jönsson is in da house, here together with our assisting head rigger Ulf and Brynte. I know, it’s a weird name, but it is what it is.


has joined us! Mikko is in da house, and he brought his own favorite trash can.

Flaggapults, waiting to be put into the stage, so we can shoot some people out of it, and some animals too, and why not some beers while we’re at it!?

Teemu Koivistoinen from Pyroman building the parts to make the “waterfall of sparky stuff”.  So many

in da house now! Moi!

Only for Eurovision do you get pink rigging.

Monitor position is being built today. Headed by Dallas, whith two Midas XL8’s. Only the best is good enough 🙂

See you bis morgen!

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