Hello tónlist elskhugi!

Running a little behind schedule over here! It is what it is, and we are bringing in some more crew to bring us up to speed.

Never leave home without it! Joan does NOT do Eurovision Song Contest without ranch, which is a good idea I support to the fullest. It goes with everything………..

First part of the stage deck is built, and waiting to be rolled into position so we can place out the pile of projectors that will live on the floor behind it.

Since we didn’t need any Zambonis on this production, we gave the area to the Media server guys. Now we just need to run a Cat 6 cable from the conference room where we’ll put the pixel smurfs (content creators) and we can have a party! Mården (Magnus Grönberg) has already started!

It’s not only the floor that is full of projectors. There are piles of them in the air space in front and over the stage as well, for top and front projection. This will link to a larger size if you click it.

Tait started with the Projection wall puzzle today. It will be slightly larger when it’s done!

Pieces of the acrylic inner arc, super in the way, right in the middle of my Segway path! Matt!!!!!!!!

Stage floor moved to position. So all we need now is two trucks of projectors!

Great shot of the crowded roof. This links to an enlargement too.

Lights are on! We switched to generator power last night, and today we striked the rig. Now we just have to build the rest and do a couple of shows. Easy………….

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