Sunday! Again………………. And we are actually ahead of schedule! Well…….. at least when it comes to the diary! It’s been a pretty slow day over here, since it is Easter Sunday. We are FINALLY packing up and leaving our temporary office and we’ll move out to our office containers next to the OB-Trucks and generators first thing tomorrow morning. Besides that, I guess one of the more exciting things that happened today was that I, once again, have promised to kill Scott Blair at High End, as soon as I get back to Austin after this production! Oh yeah, I almost forgot, we just got informed that we’ve been challenged to a football game next Saturday, against Russia! What could POSSIBLY go wrong????? I’m about to inform the entire crew that we have a 05:00 crew call tomorrow morning! WE HAVE TO PRACTICE!!!!!!!!!!!

I got a gift from the loving sound crew this morning. Six portions of red beet salad to be precise. Or, if you like: shit,shit,shit,shit,shit&shit !

Gille and Dana found an off-road trolley, and off they took! Haven’t seen them since lunch! They DO come here often though!

Here is a funny thing! These are the remote controlled wireless wagons that Visual Act invented for Eurovision Song Contest all the way back in 2000. After that, they had HUGE success with these toys, on theatres all over the world, and now they are back in Eurovision again. Will I tell you what they are for???? Don’t think so! Tongue out

The stage is coming together quite nice, and Joan is doing a damn good job censoring it with her hand!

Kerrie-Ann Keogh is in da house! This lovely sweetheart (even though she is from Ireland) is Al Gurdon’s assistant, and works hard with keeping up to date with all the lighting requests that are sent in by the delegations.

You better be aware!

So, what do you do if you don’t have a couch, but you do have a pile of stage decks and some scaff clamps? I guess this……….. Tobias? Can you be a sweetheart and find some better furniture for the dimmer area?

Here is the control desk for the stage motion. Unfortunately Andy is not around (I think he might be out chasing his half naked cousin around town) so you have to settle with this fairly simple explanation for now. In short, you push buttons, and things move around on the stage.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!  L to R: Frank, Nadja, Dennis, Andreas, Markus, Hans and Ralf all had their birthdays since they got here! So, we got them cake! And there are more to come! All the way to the end actually! Al turns 50 on May 15, and I turn 27(again) on May 16!

We’ve been googling, and are quite amazed over all the things that Al Gurdon has done in the past, and a lot of them was done under a false name……….

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