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Another Sunday has gone by in the wonderful world of Eurovision. Step by step, we’re getting closer to our first day of rehearsals on April 28th, when we’ll start to look in cameras, and rehearsals of openings and interval acts starts. It is not only inside the arena things are happening. The entire area around the venue is getting a face lift, so it all look pretty when the delegations and press arrives on May 3.

Here is our NEW home! After three weeks in a temporary office, we FINALLY moved out to the permanent yesterday. The office containers are placed right next to where the OB trucks will be parked. They will arrive later on this afternoon by the way.

Of course, our new office is on the other side of this gigantic arena, so it took a good 3 hours to move everything from one side to another, and get it all up and running. Here is Totto and Greg making sure our Plasma finds its way.

Our office is in two floors, with 15 workspaces on each floor. At one point, the guys on the top floor left for lunch, and I took the opportunity to sneak upstairs and nick a extra table for our printers downstairs. Don’t tell them!

And Voila! New office up and running, complete with internet, phone lines, air condition, and brand new furniture. THANK YOU! Our hosts really look after us!

But things didn’t happen fast enough for the grumpy fake Fin. So Tarmo started his workday in a chair outside the office, while Joan tried to cheer him up!

They will actually cover the entire outside of this venue. That is a HUGE task………….

See the white boxes on top of the bleacher to the left. That is the dressing rooms for all the delegations. This show requires BIG side areas in order to host it all.

Hey! A fly track! Imagine that! So……. something WILL fly around in the ceiling! What?? That is for me to know, and you to find out!

No, this is not the entire rental stock of a mid size rental company…………… This is the fixtures that will be placed on the floor, around the stage, once the stage is done.


I’m telling you, this is the truth! Having that said, do they have whales in Wales? I need to ask Iestyn from PRG about that……………..


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