Klimper is happier than a puppy with two peters after all the belly scratching you guys have been giving to him with your mouses the past 15 hours or so.  Today we’ve been continuing building stuff, wherever we can fit something in. All lights are up, besides the floor lights that can’t be placed until the stage is done. The stage floor with O-lite is almost done, and the air condition for it is getting installed. Sound is almost finished with hanging all the clusters, the operators are programming lights and video, and the media lounge is handling the material as it comes in, so the pop train is moving forward.

Here it is, Nadavs FANTASTIC lighting desk and moving truss control for his Lego stage!

I need to go back to this picture from April 9! I guess I was tired the day I posted this helmet, since I completely missed the joke. Her name is Jennie My! Get it? That’s hilarious! But I’m STILL the winner…………..

You have to be careful with what you wish for around here. I guess I mentioned that a monitor for my computer would be a nice thing to have, and look what the video guys gave me………. I LOVE IT! Thanks guys! No one can tell if I’m at my desk or not Cool

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is with great honour I present our Executive Producer! Yury Aksyuta is in da house!

The LC screen is still on the ground………… It was supposed to be rigged 4 days ago, but we don’t want to do it until we have a signed structural report on the scaffolding. Maybe tomorrow…………

Much better! No more PINK light! Matthias and Mirko LOVES it. I wish I could tell you what the loooooooooong truss leading all the way up to the stage is for, but I can’t! Mooooaaaahahahahahahaaaaa

Arno from Visual Act hanging out at the stage motion control on F.O.H.

I did a nice official sign for the Media Lounge. The guys inside didn’t like it, and made their own………………


Speaking of signs! This one is to be found behind the desk operators at F.O.H


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