Vodka everyone!

What a day……… My first meeting started at 11AM, and the last one ended at………. I can’t even remember, but in between, I think it was around 5PM, I did have a cigarette break…..

But they were all very good meetings, and there was a lot of question marks straightened out regarding rehearsal schedules, interval acts, openings, positions of last minute stuff, and tons of other things.

I told you! Al Gurdon is in da house! Obviously, the operator doing the pink look yesterday,that Al was blamed for, is no longer with us

So here are the remaining operators, closest in this shot, Ben Cracknell, next to him, Alexander Gurdonoff, on his right, in green, Andy Voller. In the back row: Ian Reith closest to the camera, and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall the way in the back, Timo Kauristo.

Richie just found out this morning that he’ll be working on the Michael Jackson farewell shows in London. Where does he find his shirts by the way????? They are SO discreet! Almost like James Bond!

Hats off for David Bergmann, our Crew Chief for sound ladies and gentlemen. This picture is taken three seconds before he knocked me out of my shoes for the things I’ve been writing about sound guys…….. Was it worth it???? YOU BET YA!

Klimper’s t-shirt is an all-time classic. If you hold your mouse over the image, it will get bigger, for those old people out there like me that can’t read this small….

This photo was actually taken to act as a guideline for what a 300 rouble bag of laundry looks like, compared to a 600 rouble bag. Like it really matters – the lady is just throwing everything in one machine and we all get each other’s clothes back! We’ve even opened a Lost and Found box in the production office! I’m still looking for my pink harness, my bunny slippers my green tight latex t-shirt.

Timo just saw the lunch “buffet”.

These are the ¨ribs¨ embracing the back of the stage.

No, this is not a Eurovision stage. But this is a fun story….. Do you guys remember Nadav Birger? He was the guy who won the F-word contest in Finland 2007. We received a very sweet email from him yesterday. He attached a couple of pictures of a stage he has been working on for quite some time now, and it is just the COOLEST thing!

And now you see why! This is SO funny! I’ll show you pictures of the lighting desk and moving truss control tomorrow. I’m just in awe. I think this is fantastic! Thanks for sharing this Nadav! YOU ROCK!

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