Yo yo!

Hope life is GOOD!

Over here, it’s ROCKING! Al Cooper/Gurdon/Alexandernoff is in da house! I messed up the picture though, so you won’t see his pretty face until tomorrow! I know this will keep you sleepless, but that is just the way it is!

However, I do have proof that Al is here! Look at all the PINK light! Kids go crazy over these things!

It IS the law.

Another day, another stack of speakers. We use a mixture of Meyer MILO, MICA (pictured above), Melodie for main hangs, and will support them with fills such as CQs, UPAs, UPJuniors later on. As soon as the grids come out of customs – will hang 700s and some 650s subs in the rigg,but also place some on the floor.

Then we will play REALLY LOUD music!

Thumbs UP! Sometimes it hurts to be pretty!

And Svenja continues with the Schnick Schnack’s. I think she is ready to either kill us, or her self. Hang in there girl! You only have like another 2-3000 to go!

Lights ON! The smorgasboard is set up dear operators. Do something pretty!

Hey dude! The competition is over. I won!

Do you know what weighs 80 tons? I’ll tell you what! The glass covering the stage actually!

Look close, and you will see that the screens show the menu from the lunch yesterday, including red beet sallad and all!

Here is a interesting book that we found at the bookfair yesterday. This might be a ¨How to wrap yourself in hot dogs¨ manual. Or, maybe it is a new book from Stephen King? It sure looks scary!

Oh no! My sausage killed my maid! I hate when that happens!

No! Please don’t!


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