First of all, I would like to send a BIG THANK YOU for all the sweet emails and condolences me and Joan have received from friends all over the world, and the crew on site here in Moscow.

Without friends, you’re nothing!


We are running late in the schedule, due to problems out of our range to control, but we’re working hard to catch up, and we will. This is something that happens from time to time, in big on off’ productions and it’s just something that we have to adapt to!

Piece after piece of the stage is being put in position, and the final shape starts to form on the arena floor.


I’ll be damned! The sound guys did something! First stack of PA is hanging!

So I guess I was wrong after all………………


Today we flashed through the rig to make sure that everything was up and running. Al and his operators are coming in two days, and all the rigged lights needs to be up and running by then. And they will.

Here are the most recent crew to join us, from Procon Belgium! They’ve challenged the guys from Hamburg who could build Martin LC screen the fastest, so now we have one nation struggling on stage right, against another nation on stage left.

After all….. It IS the Eurovision Song Contest……………

Here is the home for Al and his operators for the next 4 weeks. In a couple of days, Stage Motion will join, and in ten days, Sound is also moving in here. So it might look big, but trust me, it will be crowded!

Here is our information board, where we put up schedules, notes about laundry, good restaurants in our neighbourhood. The entire crew is instructed to check this board out every night, before going back to the hotel, so they keep themselves updated with what is going on!

Oh yeah, I agree!

The Waving ones ARE the worst!

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