Hi kids!

I trust life is gooooooooooooood!


Over here, the struggle continues. We are keeping FULL speed ahead to keep up with all the changes, and trying to finalize the loose ends. It’s a fun process, but it takes a good portion of your energy, running from one meeting to another, all day long.

The venilation schacks were open this morning when we arrived. And the biggest light of them all, the sun, did some cool beams, and even a gobo projection. One of the beams hit a chainhoist, and voila – natural gobo!

The “Media Lounge” under construction. This is where we will have all the Media servers, the watchout system, the graphic studio, and of course, a coffee table.

Here’s Yves Winand from Procon Belgium setting up what is so far only about 20% of the total amount of equipment and servers that will go in this space under the bleachers.

So of course they need a coffee/tea station. The UK FOH bunch arrives tonight, and we needed to put the tea closer to them.

Now we just have to find that Steak and Kidney pie they love so much!

Bird’s eye of FOH. That’s Richie all alone down there, setting things up, so it’s all ready to rock tomorrow when the operators come in.

Here is a shiny pretty thing in the middle of everyting. I know what it is, but I can’t tell you, not yet!

I’m still not telling you!

There isn’t much of anything that isn’t covered in LED. This is the giant scaff in the backstage.

The 1070 sqm of Martin LC screen used in this show represent 30% of the total amount existing in the world.

Dr. Love is listening to Mirko’s rigging plan.

Considering all the video featured today, I thought this was appropriate!


See y’all tomorrow!


Be good.

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