What a crappy day.

The day started with venue crew starting to glue carpets on the bleachers, using a non water based contact glue that turned the venue into a stinking hell. We managed to stop that work, and agree with them that work like this can only be carried out at night time, when our crew is not in the building. So….. what to do, well….They went up on the 2nd floor, starting to paint the walls in the vestibule, with a paint that was based on diesel or something. The toxic smell traveled through the ventilation system, and ended up in both our offices, and the venue itself, causing allergic reactions, headaches and people throwing up.

And the day was about to get even worse…..

Joan’s Dad, and my Father in Law, Charlie Lyman passed away last night.
Charlie loved life, and he did have a great one, and he lived life to the fullest. It was only seven months ago, two weeks after this picture was taken, that he got diagnosed with cancer, and early yesterday morning, Arizona time, he lost the battle that he was so convinced of winning.
Needless to say, Charlie will be enormously missed by everyone that had the privilege to know this wonderful man.
We love you, and we will miss you SO much.
Rest in peace.

I really like the security guys watching out for us! They know us by now, and are very smooth and flexible in their operation. But make no mistake, if you don’t belong here, you will know it within seconds.

Thanks guys!

Due to the scale of this production, we have two dimmer cities. One on Stage Right, and this one on Stage Left.

Imagine that! Sound is arriving! It’s time to show us what you do Noise boys!

We store all the empty cases in a tent outside the venue. It’s filling up, slowly but surely.

Well………….. still not much action on the Sound Guys if you ask me………..

Hey! Tere! The Estonians gang! From left, Matti Kittsing, who is our Stage Manager, Avo Kockmann, who is our technical über guru, and Tarmo Krimm, you know, they guy who didn’t do his first Eurovision until 2002! Actually, that goes for all three of them!


You have to apologize, there will be no sign today, I’m having trouble finding inspiration for jokes today.

It will be better tomorrow!


Over and out from Moscow!

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