Hiiiiiiii-dy Ho!

Another sunny day that we missed most of. Stage construction continues and we are still in good shape. Here we’re installing the front LED strips that will be the infinity line of our LED floor.

And me and my Segway ended up doing a sitcom yesterday……..

The working name is “Melzig and Zelmerlöw Do the Globe”…….. It will be glorious!

has only done one Eurovision, so he has some catching up to do……….

Pixels pixels pixels

Bebban and Henka on a coffee break. They are helping the SVT workshop with getting the stage up and running, before they start with their real job as stage techs for change overs. We have a 40 people strong crew, just to handle the change overs in this show. When you have less than 35 seconds in between songs to set the stage, you better have a good crew in place!

Here is Monique. She is one of our head carpenters, and just such a rock star! She was with us in Malmö as well in 2013. Once everything is up and running, she will look after the green room and make sure it’s always nice and tidy in there. Love you girl!

Tobby, Hairy, Scary and Eriky having a coffee break. This is a VERY important tradition in Sweden called FIKA.

As you can see, the canteen is full of people at 15:00. Every day………

But today we had an extra good reason for fika! And our comfort managers Sanna and Sofia made us cake! Well……… there was a specific reason for this!

Kent Schubring turns 50 years today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Kent is a LEGENDARY lighting guy here in Scandinavia, touring since all the way back in the 70’s.

Meanwhile we get reports from the pre programming studio that a mad man with a laser sword has been seen on the premises. Stay safe out there!

We’ve also started to install all the pyro that needs to go into the set. For all of you that like things that go KABOOOM, you will LOVE this show!

Check it out! We even have an app for our show! Michael Havdrup and Kristian Sørensen from Litecom got the idea for this app after Eurovision 2014 in Denmark when all of their lighting techs were sharing and coordinating all their lighting info and updates through a Google sheet on the internet. They decided to design an app to do this. Here you can find the latest information about every light in the arena, which is A LOT!

As you can see, there is a massive amount of info in the palm of your hand. If the lighting plot is updated, everyone will have it. The guys can even anticipate problems by tracking lamp hours or knowing that a certain type of fixture typically needs to be swapped after a certain number of days. If a tech fixes a problem, they can immediately report on which fixture, its location, what the error was, time and date, and status (i.e. SWAPPED). You can even export WYSIWYG info into the app. I can see a lot of techs (not to mention rental companies) finding this really REALLY cool! But please don’t bother these guys until after Eurovision!

How many dancers does it take to change a light bulb?
None. Doesn’t the stage manager do that?

How many stage managers does it take to change a ………

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