Hey hey hey!

Weekend is here and we can all take some time off and go to the beach………. NOT!  Weather sucks again…….. and OH, we have to work………. Oh well……….

First Hippos are in the house! We started to build up the sever world in the backstage left area today. At 16:00 today, we are striking the pre-programming studio at SVT and getting all the rest of the gear here so we can complete the Hippoworld, build FOH and the content studio.
Mården is one of our media server managers. Don’t know what a Mård is? Click

to find out. Magnus is doing this all the time…….. we get a lot of emails from the Football Federation………

Video world from another angle.

And with Hippo’s in the house, we could see the screens with content for the first time. It looks AMAZING!

We’ve started to put the glossy top on the front end of the stage as well. The cut outs are for Sharpys, pyro ramps, CO2 Jets and Flame units.

Some plant flowers, we plant light……. One day, these little


Manlove on LED floor impersonated by Ola Melzig and Erik Blomdahl.

There are also some extremely secret hatches in the stage. Can’t tell you what’s underneath, but trust me, it will blow your socks off!

The backstage onstage props garage is done too.

We’ve also started to tie the stage together with the bleachers to get the full width of the set which is 49 meters.

Since it’s Friday, I decided to celebrate with a great t-shirt! And as you can see, our fridges are VERY rude at the venue………..

A Stage Manager, a Sound Technician and a Lighting Designer find a bottle in a corner of the theatre. One of them rubs it and a genie pops out.
“Since you all found me,” he says, “you each get one wish.” The Sound Technician steps up and says, “I’d like a million dollars and three beautiful women.” POOF! – The Sound Tech is gone.
The Lighting Designer steps up and says, “Well, if he can have that, I’d like TEN million dollars, and my own personal island with fifteen beautiful women!” POOF! The Lighting Designer is gone.
The Stage Manager steps up and says, “I’d like them both back in ten minutes.”

See you tomorrow!

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