Wazz up?

So, what has 25 300 MAP Parameters, 71 000 002 pixels, 1828 lighting fixtures and requires more than 220 people just to run the show?

Here is another update from the dream factory.

Things are falling into place and there are fewer and fewer cases on the floor. But you just wait, Broadcast will arrive soon and wrap the whole damn building in cable, as they always do………..

Backwall is ready but feeling blue. The main performance area of the stage is coming into position as well. All the holes hosts a Sharpy.

Most of the scaff is up now too. Here is the platform for the Very VEry VERy VERY big crane that goes in the back of the hall up on the bleacher.

We’re also installing the LED floor today! We are using Zircon 7 floor panels with 7,5 mm pitch. That together with the fact that all other LED areas are 10mm pitch, I dare to say that this Eurovision Song Contest will have the highest resolution ever.

But wait! There is more video! We also have 12 x Barco HDQ40 and ten of them have MMS mirrors bolted on as well. We are using six of them for frontal projection and another six to do aerials in the back of the set.

The two, by far, most expensive trusses in the venue……..

Sharpy’s in holes. You can also see the outlets of some of the 24 flame units we have surrounding our stage.

Snorting pig in the Litecom office. How can you possibly live without one?

I don’t know who this is, or why he has such a big Salami, or why he looks like me with a new haircut, or why he is in my office!

Oh right….. I did get a haircut, and I do have a big Salami! And I’m preparing a cozy evening in the office for my line managers!

See how happy they were! Works like a charm every time!

Here is Fredrik showing exactly how many centimeters each arc needs to be moved on stage from its current postition due to a small OOPS while cadding them. For some reason Sören is still smiling……. Last time I checked, this means moving 22 hoists with full load. I guess you have to be a rigger to appreciate that……….

Speaking of rigging, we’re pulling a stunt that has never been done in the Globe before. Mainly because there is no such thing as helium filled trusses invented yet, and our dear LD just HAD to have a truss in a zone that has never been rigged in before.
LD’s……… can’t live with them, and it’s illegal to shoot them………….

Speaking of…..How many lighting designers does it take to change a light bulb?

None, it’s a carefully orchestrated blackout.


See ya!

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