May 14

 In Eurovision Diary 2018

Hejsan Hejsan and welcome back to the Glitter Cave. Well………. there is not that much glitter left to be honest……….. the glamour fades away quite quickly when you hit load out. But at least we got plenty of confetti laying around all over the place……… Venue will find this legacy of ours for years to come!

We will bring a lot of wonderful memories from here when we leave. And we will also leave knowing that Michael Syre’n at Expresses is the biggest FUCKTWAT in the world………. just wanted to get that out there………. Since he backstabbed me and a bunch of colleagues in his lame ass little shit newspaper a couple of days ago, I thought it would bring justice to the table, hating him in public, at a blog with 6 000 000 visitors per month 🙂 So, Michael Syre’n and Expressen- Please go and fuck yourself. Just saying……….

With that said, lets hop into today’s update shall we?

Some of us were not feeling that great this morning………. some of us, like me, behaved and did NOT go to Euroclub last night…………

But that did not stop me from having a Hang Over Breakfast DeLuxe!

Netta was standing right here, less than 12 hours ago, as the winner of Eurovision Song Contest. Now, stage is gone, cameras are gone, greenroom is gone, but we still got plenty of confetti!’

What took 20 days to build must come down in 72 hours. And it’s up to Erik and Oskar to make sure this happens. In you I trust!

I don’t trust a single person in this photo, but I LOVE THEM ALL TO PIECES!!!!!!!!!! Christer and Martin left yesterday, and all of a sudden our office became a much duller place!

Hug party with me, Mariana, Ana and Ana, and a weirdo in the back!

Further back, in the back, generators are being loaded on trucks. Most of the power cable is already coiled and packed.

There are many challenges doing this blog. One of the major ones is to make sure that you cover as many of the people involved in the production as possible. We ALWAYS miss a couple, and it’s never on intention…….well……… there has been a couple of times that has happened too…….. But this is not the case when it comes to Ines Pires, who has been working side by side with Ana, running the whole Operations department! Thank you SO much for everything! Not a single of my sometimes weird requests has been a none delivery. And I ask for weird shit all the time!

See you tomorrow pumpkins

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