MAY 13

ejsan Hejsan and welcome back to our world in the Glitter Cave!

Let’s start with HUGE Congratulations to Israel’s Netta Barzilai! After a nerve wrecking voting, it was clear that Israel once again had won the Eurovision Song Contest. It has been 20 years, so it was about time!!!!!

The crowd clearly loved this song! Click on the photo to watch a segment of the live performance last night. Our audience sure knows how to party!

We had a house filled to the rim with crazy wonderful people yesterday. The broadcast went by without a single technical glitch, so all good.

Salvador Sobral did his first stage performance since he had his heart transplant this spring, as one of our interval acts. Really happy to see how well he looks, and sounds!

There was a small crisis in the office just before the show, when this Ola Melzig look-a-like tried to steal the trophy from me!

Fans of all ages showed up to support their country — Go Sweden!! This is Erik and Heléne Magnusson. Very true and loyal fans that I got to know already in Kiev in 2005. And we bump into each other EVERY year! Love you guys!

Not sure about what the fashion police would say about this………..

I would say that this is a typical Portoguese stereotype! Happy, Proud and always smiling! If you never been to Portugal, please come. It’s an amazing country filled with amazing warm funny and generous people. I’m coming back after the summer for sure! LOVE YOU!!!!


Here is the combined outcome of the final results for Eurovision 2018.

  1. Israel: 529 points
  2. Cyprus: 436 points
  3. Austria: 342 points
  4. Germany: 340 points
  5. Italy: 308 points
  6. Czech Republic: 281 points
  7. Sweden: 274 points
  8. Estonia: 245 points
  9. Denmark: 226 points
  10. Moldova: 209 points
  11. Albania: 184 points
  12. Lithuania: 181 points
  13. France: 173 points
  14. Bulgaria: 166 points
  15. Norway: 144 points
  16. Ireland: 136 points
  17. Ukraine: 130 points
  18. The Netherlands: 121 points
  19. Serbia: 113 points
  20. Australia: 99 points
  21. Hungary: 93 points
  22. Slovenia: 64 points
  23. Spain: 61 points
  24. United Kingdom: 48 points
  25. Finland: 46 points
  26. Portugal: 39 points

And guess who won 55€ on the interanal crew betting……………….. shazaaaaaaaam!

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