April 08


Hejsan Hejsan and welcome back! As you might have noticed, there was no updates over the weekend. That does not mean that nothing happened here!

Say HELLO to our Head of Security, Ofer Avraham. He and his forces are making sure that we are safe and sound at all times.

Ernst Hemingway said many things in his time. One of them was¨ In every port in the world, at least two Estonians can be found¨ This one was kind enough to leave the port and join us at the venue! Say HELLO to our Senior Technical Director Tarmo Krimm!

And while we are on the subject, say HELLO to Itay Barziv, our Technical Director for Broadcast. He has promissed me a fishing trip with his boat for months now. Still no delivery on that one…………..

But it gets worse! This guy promissed to bring Bitterballens from Holland where he lives since a couple of years…………. Say HELLO Avishy Giladie, our Technical Director for Show.

First lights ON! We started to put up the massive backwall of light this weekend. This is our last layer of set. The wall is built with the Litecom MX systemsystem and it’s loaded with 527 x Ayrton Magicblad Magic R & FX, 94 x Ayrton Khamsin, 12 SGM 07 Strobes and 19 GLP JDC-1 strobes. So, more lights in the backwall alone than your avarage tour.

All the rigging points over the stage area are complete and we’re starting to hoist things up into position.

The revolves for our LED screens arrived this weekend. This little thing weighs three tons, and will have a 12 meter tall and 3 meter wide high res video panel mounted on top.

We got 12 of them………… Each panel representing one of the tribes in Israel that originated from the 12 sons of Jacob. Reuben, Simeon, Levi ,Judah, Dan, Naphtali, Gad,Asher, Issachar,Zebulun ,Joseph and Benjamin to be exact.

The revolves will be mounted on these tracks, which will allow them to do move sideways as well. Very funky stuff, all from Stage Kinetik, whom is supplying all our automation.

All unloading and security checks are made on the P9 parking in front of the arena. Since it’s quite a long haul from here up to the venue, we are serioulsy depending on really good forklift drivers and stagehands. We got both! Thank you guys! You are AWESOME!

If you haven’t noticed already, most things we do in this production is off the wall. That included the total of 2 200 VER Blades that we will use to build the triangles over the stage and the light lines in the greenroom. We’ll start with the triangles as soon as the containers with the super structure arrives. That boat got a bit lost, but it should arrive within soon.

The rail for the revolves coming into position.

We also hung two of the four prism legs over the weekend. Once they are in position, the Irgunit team will apply the finish.

There are many products doing their debut on Eurovision this year. Here is one of them! The Litecom Spotdrive is the most intelligent remote followspot system on the market. I saw the birth of this product already on Eurovision 2016, when the Litecom boys were busy with figuring this out in their supplier workshop, backstage at the Globe Arena.

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