April 05


Yo Yo and welcome to another day in the glitter cave!

Say HELLO to my partner in crime- Tobias Åberg! We’re sharing the Head of Production title for the second year in a row. Very hard to find a better wing man than this guy!

Say HELLO to our three MEGA awesome production assistants! From left to right: Yali Izak, Shira Horovitz and Noam Greshler. These three girls are running our production office and create miracles on a daily basis. Seriously- THANK YOU for being so amazing as you are!

Whoop Whooop! Stage right mother grid is up, and Agora even got some subwoofers and speakers up with it! This year we’re using L-Acoustics, but we’ll get back to that later when we’re doing a sound special!

The infamous holes were completed yesterday, and we can pick up the past with rigging. Too bad that some of the containers with stuff we need is in Egypt, and not here.

The first scenic elements were brought into the venue today. These are the two ¨small¨ prism legs that are a major part of Florian Wieder’s iconic stage design.

The two big prims legs are still stored outside. Just as the small ones, we need to apply the surface and finish to them before we can hang them in a couple of days.

The Tel Aviv Expo grounds are pretty big. But at the moment, we only have access to Hall 2 and the parking lot where we do all unloading and bomb checks of all equipment, before it’s allowed to enter the venue. There is a trade show running in all the other halls, on the other side of the fence, at the moment. Those visitors looks like us as animals in a cage, which is not entirely wrong!

Eurovision is not only the biggest music television show in the world. It’s also a big media posse around it. And of course the national media wants to come in as early as possible, to see what we are spending all the tax dollars on.

I beleive it’s very important that we don’t shut the door to media, so I don’t mind doing an interview every now and then. I used to absolutely hate it back in the days, but believe it or not, you actually get used to it. I don’t think I said anything too inappropriate………………

See you cats tomorrow!

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